Our Service


The company Real Estate Knapp advises & advises real estate purchasers and sellers in the entire buying process and far beyond.

Starting with the implementation and clarification of the purchase or sale process, the necessary re-registrations and registrations, which are associated with the acquisition / sale of a property and the final handover of the new property, a competent contact person is available throughout the entire process.

The support continues, however, through the regional contacts to craftsmen, cleaning service providers, building contractors, interior decorators u.v.m., is also happy to help, should be a conversion / expansion, the new home remodeled or rented as a yield object and accordingly cleaned and rented.

We also assist you with the topics of financing and insurance through our regional contacts and have an advisory function.

Regional Contact Point

All employees of Real Estate Knapp e.U. have their roots in the Pinzgau and know as such the region and inhabitants better than no one else.
Likewise, there is a large number of contacts with people from the district of Zell am See, who work professionally in and around the area of real estate, which makes it possible to support our customers beyond the purchase / sale of a property.

National & International Business Cooperations

The company Real Estate Knapp cooperates on a national and international level with business partners from more than 20 different countries.
Potential customers are looked after directly by your external business partners in your home country and thus receive real estate offers in advance that you would only discover by accident without this service.
Interesting properties for external buyers are translated and presented in the respective national language with the help of the respective local partner companies.

Modern Marketing

Internet marketing is nowadays indispensable, so the company Real Estate Knapp covers the online real estate application with up to approx. 15 different real estate portals as well as its own homepage.
Utilized, among other things, modern drone photography, as well as 360-degree cameras, whose photographs are made presentable with the help of virtual reality glasses the real estate acquisition.

Even in offline marketing is still heavily advertised, this is mainly on newspaper advertisements, as well as offering offers at different, relevant stop places set.